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The Circus Of Pleasure is back in town!!! :)

Welcome to CIRQUE DE PLAISIR - where reality exceeds your wildest fantasies..
Join us and explore your darkest delights.

Presenting: Family of Freaks Edition
Spiral energy draws carnies together but what binds them are the deep dark secrets they harbor and share with each other. Individually, they are thought of as miscreants and whores who hide in the shadows. However, under the canopy of the Circus, they are the most valued treasure anyone could ever hope to find. By the end, we won't know the difference between what repels us and what attracts us. 

Details and performance lineup listed below - but ultimately it it will be participants who will determine what shape the night takes. And yes... there will be blood! ;)

CIRQUE DE PLAISIR welcomes all folks in the alternative lifestyle: Kinky, BDSM, Goth, Punk, Raver, Burner, Swinger, Kinkster, Fetishist & Hedonist.

Upscale Private Loft in Manhattan - near Penn Station.
Address to be released one week prior to event

Earlier Event: November 1
Later Event: November 15
Verboten: Talon&Claw Brunch