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whiteowljaguar at Freeform Arts Frestival

~4 Days of Epic Shenanigans~
// Interactive Art Installations
// DJs and Live Music
// Yoga Classes
// Workshops, Lectures, and Presentations
// Art Cars
// Activities and Events
// Rentable Cabins **NEW IN 2016**
// Beautiful Swimmable Lake **NEW IN 2016**
// Obstacle Course for the First Annual WEIRD OLYMPICS
// Full Size Roller Disco Rink **NEW IN 2016** (BYO Skates)

{{{ Featured Music Artists }}}
//JPHLIP \\ Dirtybird
//GOLF CLAP \\ Country Club Disco
//SOOHAN \\ Manifest
//KELLAM \\ NYC I Koh Samui


New Venue! Our new venue is on 85 acres of beautiful, tranquil lakeside land in Honesdale, PA. The festival site has two swimming pools, an obstacle course, roller rink, and 20 cabins up for rental (16 beds each). Stay tuned for more details and photos in a future newsletter.

Freeform Arts Festival is a transformational interactive arts and music festival, connecting artists and performers for four days of events and activities! Freeform was founded as an outlet to showcase the talents of the underground artist community, forge genuine friendships, and unite the dozens of art collectives that exist along the East Coast. Freeform is also a leave-no trace event; our participants ensure that their camps and public spaces are left in even better condition when they leave than how they found them.

Freeform will be held in Honesdale, PA from June 2nd-6th.
The 2016 theme is “Metamorphosis”

Metamorphosis: A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into an evolved state, by natural or supernatural means. 

Throughout our lives, we all undergo dramatic transformations, unfolding the path to liberation from within. We emerge after a great struggle, from the depths of our souls, as an expression of divinity in the world. Change is the only constant in our lives, and transformation happens in each of us—every single day, month, and year. Freeform Arts Festival goes through an annual metamorphosis, constantly evolving to become a better reflection of our community and its efforts. It is up to us to facilitate our own evolution. Just as the caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, we transcend as individuals, rising together to become a beautiful communal creation. Let us unite in 2016 to celebrate all of our transformations!